A guided deep-dive into
holistic fertility wisdom.

Scientific research, history, and holistic wellness combined

Wild Rose Woman offers a deep dive into the centuries of data on the treatment of infertility and women’s health available through Chinese Medicine, as well as the most up-to-date research. As I started implementing these skills in my clinical practice, I witnessed the joy of conceiving naturally after many failed IVF cycles, the hope in a woman’s eyes when we pinpointed her diagnosis (even after being labeled with "unexplained infertility"), and the sheer gratitude of having a compassionate and knowledgeable coach standing with you.


After so many years of working with women one-on-one, I found that there was a serious lack of self-guided, accurate, holistic fertility resources out there for women who couldn't meet with me in person. Even in my clinic, there is so much deep processing that goes on, we often don’t have the time to cover everything you can do to optimize your fertility on your own, at home


I developed Wild Rose Woman for you, as either a stand-alone holistic fertility wellness program or as a compliment to your acupuncture treatments with me in Louisville, KY. Wild Rose Woman will help you discover the sources of your struggle and give you proven tools to correct your imbalances. Oftentimes, once you can pinpoint the area of trouble, the answer becomes simple. See for yourself the areas of life that can be addressed to enhance your fertility, and make your own journey feel more hopeful and optimistic.

10 modules of holistic fertility wisdom

Weekly self-guided content including in-depth video lessons, written content, and resources for growth and transformation.

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Accountability checklists
for lifestyle changes

Each module contains an accountability checklist to keep your to-dos simple and straightforward as you make big changes.

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Your fertility is a messenger...

You’d be surprised at how quickly you can see positive changes in your body, mind, and mood when making simple changes for your fertile wellness. Diet changes, lifestyle "hacks", self-care routines, and herbs/supplements can all make huge shifts in the way you feel, as well as your fertile health. Fertility problems are the canary in the coal mine that something is amiss in your body, so take it as the messenger that it is and use this time to get your health on track!

I am here to support you no matter where you are on your fertility journey. We will start where you are, wherever you are. Whether you have a diagnosis that makes you concerned you may not be able to get pregnant, you’ve been trying for a while without success, or you are already undergoing fertility treatments with a doctor... I’ve got your back. I will teach you how you can help yourself and where a Holistic Fertility Specialist, like myself, is needed.

For those in/around Louisville, Kentucky, I offer physical modalities such as acupuncture to supplement your fertile wellness journey - learn more here!

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Your fertile wellness is more than just your ability to get pregnant.

In Wild Rose Woman, we will start at the beginning - learning about what a healthy menstrual cycle looks like, so you can interpret your own symptoms and deeply understand what your body is telling you. We work with the clues your body is giving, to harness the magic of your cycle and truly optimize your baby-making.

When your body is balanced, you will actually want to have sex and it won’t feel like a chore. You can have periods that are restful and rejuvenating - not painful. You can walk away from the expectation of PMS. You can experience profound sexual pleasure without pain. You can align with the natural rhythms of your cycle to balance ALL areas of a healthy life.

As we move through the program, you will learn the most common causes of difficulty conceiving and what to do about them. This program will show you how simple lifestyle changes can have a big impact. You will complete the program with a detailed overview of your options in the Assisted Reproductive Technology sphere, so you are prepared and informed if you chose to walk that path. 

Wild Rose Woman

comprehensive course overview


What will you learn?

Wild Rose Woman is broken up into manageable, bite-sized pieces, so you can learn without feeling overwhelmed but also get all the tools you need to take charge of your fertility. Here is what is in store for you:

Week 1: Cycle Science

You will learn about your menstrual cycle and what should be happening monthly to make the necessary changes if your cycle is not behaving the way that it should.

Week 2: Fertility Foes

Here we learn about the causes of fertility struggles, from simple to complex conditions, with ways to address these naturally and when it’s important to seek medical care.

Week 3: Optimize your LoveMaking

In this module, we will discuss dietary supplements and the best way to optimize your fertility through vitamins, nutrients, and herbal medicines.

Week 4: Diet

We will spend two lessons on this topic. First, we are going to talk about the basic tenets of a healthy diet, including what you should and should not be eating, and why. 

Week 5:
Fertile Foods

Here we'll talk about specific foods to eat to boost your fertility. I will share recipes that are delicious and nutritious that will make your diet fertility friendly.

Week 6:
Toxin Taboo

Learn to limit your toxin exposure in ways that are accessible and manageable to  tip the scales toward healthy detoxification instead of an overburdened body.

Week 7: Inspired Movement

This lesson will help you feel good about your exercise plan and get moving in a way that works with your fertility. BONUS: yoga video with all the best fertility-enhancing poses.

Week 8:

Learn to focus on helping your body recover from everyday stressors. Managing your mind and mood is imperative and I will teach you little things, to do daily, with intention.

Week 9: Fertility Meditation

Meditation is about creating a sense of calm acceptance of what is. This week includes guided meditations and support in developing your own practice.

Week 10:
What Now?

This module will break down the entire conventional fertility treatment process, starting with testing and moving on to treatments offered by the Western medical model.

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Seeking more personalized support?

You can still get access to 100% of the Wild Rose Woman content through my 12-week Holistic Fertility Coaching program but receive personalized 1:1 care from a specialist throughout your journey. This package includes weekly in-depth sessions where I help you process and apply the Wild Rose Woman work to your own fertility journey, as well as provide emotional support, space-holding, and personalized recommendations. If you're an in-person client of mine at Common Ground Wellness, this package can include acupuncture sessions as well!

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Wild Rose Woman

  • 10 weekly modules of holistic fertility wisdom
  • Weekly checklists for lifestyle changes & to-dos
  • Resource lists
  • Option to add on an Initial consultation, personalized treatment plan, and follow up to discuss
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